SG Budget 2022: A Fairer and More Resilient Society

The national Budget speech is an annual  address crammed with numbers and  financial jargon that can be confusing,  making it difficult to be excited about; of  course, with the exception of the  announcement on cash payouts. However,  regardless of its appeal, the Budget affects  us and our finances. Thus, we need to  make sense of it as it is our right and duty  as taxpayers, voters, and citizens to know  how our money is being spent.  (more…)

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Challenging the Arabisation Narrative: A Preliminary Study of Singaporean Niqabis

Malaysian celebrity Neelofa sent the Malay online sphere in a flurry on 15 October 2020 with the announcement that she had adopted the niqab (face veil). Following her announcement was an Instagram post in which she modelled for luxury jewellery brand Swarovski in her new garb. One would have good reason to wonder how the more alarmist, security-centric proponents of the Arabisation narrative would react to this.  (more…)

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Different in Jurisprudence but not Values: A Snapshot of Sunni-Shia Marriages in Singapore

Most Muslims today belong to the Sunni sect, with a significant minority of Muslims comprising Shias. Intra-faith relations within Islam is a topic that has sparked polemical debates within Muslim communities. In some Muslim-majority countries, anti-Shia sentiment is prevalent and propagated by hardline politicians and religious Sunni conservatives. Raids against gathering Shias during Ashura, a day when Shia Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), are not unheard of.  (more…)

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$100K by 30?: Perspective of a Singaporean Malay/Muslim

The topic of achieving $100K by the age of 30 seems to be often discussed within the local personal finance community of late, so I thought I could offer my perspective as a Singaporean Malay/Muslim.

Why is there a need to discuss this, you may ask?

First of all, as a born and bred Malay/ Muslim in Singapore, I can relate to how certain choices we make in our lives will impact our financial goals differently from what others aim to achieve. (more…)

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Countering Violent Extremism: The Singapore Experience

Last December 2021, Singapore commemorated the 20th anniversary of the arrest of members of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist group. In late 2001, they were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for planning to launch terrorist attacks in several locations in the country. These included plans to use truck bombs to attack the US and Israeli Embassies, commercial buildings housing American firms and shuttle buses carrying American military officers and their families in the Sembawang area to Yishun MRT Station. (more…)

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Caring for Dementia Patients with Azraini Azri Alfred

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were over 55 million people worldwide living with dementia in 2020 and the number is expected to rise to 78 million in 2030[1]. In Singapore, one in 10 Singaporeans or about 100,000 people aged 60 and above, suffer from the illness. As caring for a dementia patient can be exhausting and overwhelming for the caregivers, a nursing home is often considered as an option for their loved ones who require more medical attention and care than they are able to fulfill. (more…)

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Key Developments and the Rise of NFTs in Singapore

The wider view of the rise of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is the decentralisation of financial services. With the application of the blockchain and its integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT devices[1] (e.g. NFCs and RFIDs), finance has become more efficient and accessible. There are several key drivers that are making decentralised finance work _ tokenisation of real-world assets, maturity of stable coins and the improved implementation or acceptance of some regulations and standardisation. (more…)

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The Realities of Starting A Tech Company

Startups employ more than 300,000 people in Singapore across 42,000 companies in 2013, up from 24,000 companies in 2005[1]. These numbers have probably increased substantially since. As a nation, we have produced 15 of the 35 unicorns[2] in the region, including Razer and Sea[3]. Additionally, around 80 of the world’s top 100 tech companies have a significant presence in Singapore[4]. But what does it take to actually start one of these? (more…)

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The Power of Social Media Dakwah

We are currently living in the information age where the use of the internet and social media are at the forefront. Social media greatly contributes to the digital life and influences digital communication, due to its capabilities to remove human barriers in socialising and expand beyond the limits of time and space. Essentially, it is ingrained in our lives and has changed the way we live; from the way we work and learn to the way we interact and play.  (more…)

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Book Review: The Primordial Modernity of Malay Nationality by Humairah Zainal and Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

In 1994, Stuart Hall spoke of the “fateful triangle” between race, ethnicity, and the nation. “Identity is not a matter of essence but of positioning, and hence, there is always a politics of identity, a politics of position,” Hall provoked[1]. In 2010, Charles Mills, a contemporary of Hall, reminded his audience that race is socially constructed, built for particular political projects rather than an intrinsic reality of biology. (more…)

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