Digital Currencies and Their Adoption in Singapore

The three main functions of money are as a unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value. Cash is a financial instrument and physical asset that combines four features: (i) it is anonymous; (ii) it is universal (anyone can take possession); (iii) it is exchanged peer to peer (without knowledge of the issuer); and (iv) it does not yield any interest by itself[1]. Banks are the traditional money creators and maintain their inimitability at keeping reserves at the central banks (CBs). (more…)

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Understanding Muslims’ Responses to the Theory of Evolution

When Galileo challenged the Church, his geocentric argument was dismissed as it contradicted the mandate of the Church, and more importantly, it challenged the Church’s authority. As the Church held authoritative power, any claims of reason and science had to conform to its authority. Opposition to this incident has shaped modern-day dialectics of two extremes regarding religion and science, namely secularisation and fundamentalism[1]. This discord is not alien to the Muslim world as we have seen a vast majority of Muslim intellectuals investing efforts to reconcile Islam with new scientific developments. (more…)

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Wakaf: An Important Social Economic Vehicle for the Singapore Muslim Community

The instrument of wakaf is one that has been in practice since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Marshall Hodgson, in The Venture of Islam, refers to wakaf as a vehicle for financing the Muslim society[1]. It is a powerful social finance tool that was pervasive and practised during the Ottoman empire. Here in Singapore, a recorded wakaf dates as far back as 1820. (more…)

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The Search for the Best User Experience with Anwar Abdulhaqq

When we think about user experience or UX, we instantly associate the term with apps and websites. UX was first coined in 1993 by cognitive scientist, Donald Norman, who needed a term that would encompass all aspects of a person’s experience with a system, including industrial design, graphics, interface and physical interaction. Today, UX has become a rapidly growing industry with jobs on the rise. A career in the industry encompasses many different roles from product manager, UX designer, UI designer, content designer to UX researcher. (more…)

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Book Review: Islam in a Secular State: Muslim Activism in Singapore by Walid Jumblatt Abdullah

The Muslims in Singapore have always been attached to having the highest level of religiosity compared to followers of the other religions of the state. This religiosity was observed in the 1989 National Survey on Religion[1] and again in 2017, where 93 percent of Malays perceived being Muslims as important to their identity in comparison to 70.6 percent of the Indians and 37.4 percent of the Chinese[2]. In a more recent survey[3], Muslim respondents (38.3 per cent) were the most likely to identify as very or extremely religious. (more…)

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Woke Culture: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Before 2014, the call to ‘stay woke’ was, for many people, unheard of. Within the Black communities, however, it had been around for a while – commonly referring to the notion of staying alert to the deceptions of other people as a basic survival tactic. In 2014, following the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, ‘stay woke’ symbolically came to be the cautionary watchword of Black Lives Matter activists on the streets as they urged one another to ‘stay woke’ against police brutality and unjust police tactics[1]. (more…)

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Before Signing an Employment Contract

Reading and understanding the employment contract before you seal the deal is crucial as this will avoid any potential disputes.

A fair employment contract clearly states your rights and obligations as an employee of the organisation as well as the employer’s, and as required by the Employment Act, should include the key employment terms[1].

While organisations’ practices may vary, this article aims to serve as a guide on the key points (non-exhaustive) to look out for when signing an employment contract. (more…)

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Time to Care

The last nationwide study by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) showed that 1 in 7 people in Singapore has experienced a mental health disorder in their lifetime[1] Based on these numbers, you may already be caring for someone with a mental health issue – a family member, a friend, or even a co-worker. And if you aren’t, the possibility of being called on at some point to be a caregiver to someone with a mental health issue is very real. (more…)

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Understanding Suicide and Self-Harm in Adolescents

Suicide has become more prevalent in the Singaporean community, where cases have increased in all age groups over the last few years[1]. The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the physical and psychological health of individuals across various age groups, including adolescents. In fact, it has burdened adolescents significantly as they experience the academic stress of online learning, unconducive learning environment, loss of routine and social deprivation. As a result, there has been an increase in symptoms of psychological distress such as self-reported stress, anxiety and depression amongst adolescents[2]. (more…)

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Vaccine Opposition: Conversations with Anti-Vaxxers

Ever since Singapore kicked off its national vaccination programme for COVID-19, more than 4 million Singaporeans and long-term residents have been fully vaccinated, with more than 8 million doses administered as of 8 September 2021. While vaccination is strongly encouraged in Singapore, it remains voluntary. In total, 81 percent of Singapore’s population has completed their full regimen or received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and 83 percent has received at least one dose[1]. (more…)

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Fathering: Seeing Beauty in Imperfections

Imperfection is perfection in the wisdom of creation. If Allah swt so wishes to make His creations as perfect beings, He could have possibly and willingly done so. Nonetheless, He decided otherwise, all with a vision of the Perfect Creator.

In fact, what He asserts is that He creates human in the finest state, namely ahsan taqwim, not a perfect state. Allah swt says in the Quran, “We have certainly created Man in the finest state. Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low. Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward never ending.” (Surah al-Tin (95): 4-6) (more…)

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