Count On the Intangibles to Form the Singapore Identity

Perhaps we can learn a thing or two about identity by taking the cue from our children. Let me explain.

I have two boys, and the older one, Danial, who is turning seven this year, has outgrown previous ‘cartoon’ identities he grew up with.

Gone are the simple Paw Patrol, Tayo, and Super Wings characters he used to identify with, replaced with the relatively more complex characters like Boboiboy, Darius from Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous, and journalist rat Geronimo Stilton. (more…)

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Woes of the Middle Class

Inflation has been a growing concern for many over recent months. The rising prices of goods across many sectors will no doubt incite waves of anxieties and worries in every individual. While inflation does not discriminate, it disproportionately affects every stratum in society. Not everyone copes similarly to adapt to their rising expenses. This article aims to provide an overview of the realities of the middle-class facing inflation and how they would fare in surviving an inflationary crisis. It also seeks to understand how far inflation has affected them and whether the government should do more to help them through these challenging times. (more…)

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Working with Men Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence: A Restorative Justice Perspective

Without a doubt, domestic violence can be experienced by males and females alike, regardless of socio-economic status. Domestic violence refers to household members’ acts of commission or omission resulting in abuse, neglect, or other forms of maltreatment that impede individuals’ healthy development[1]. Therefore, it is an established fact that domestic violence causes harm. From a restorative justice perspective, harm is considered a violation of people and relationships[2]. (more…)

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Filial Piety in the Postmodern Era: Is it Still Relevant?

‘How one generation loves, the next generation learns,’ was the tagline for the campaign launched by then Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS) in 2010, to raise awareness of filial piety in Singapore. The S$1.6 million advertising campaign highlighted a poignant three-minute ad that displayed the importance of filial piety and why it needs to be ingrained in the younger generation. More importantly, the abovementioned tagline accentuated the significance of a synergic approach when discussing filial piety, incorporating both the receiver and giver. (more…)

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Digitalisation and Its Impact on Family Values and Parent-Child Relationship

“Technique has penetrated the deepest recesses of the human being. The machine tends not only to create a new human environment, but also to modify man’s very essence. The milieu in which he lives is no longer his. He must adapt himself, as though the world were new, to a universe for which he was not created. (more…)

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The Kids Are (Going to Be) Alright: The Internet as a Force for Good

In a survey by McCann World Group involving 32,000 people identified as Generation Z, 66% of respondents globally say they feel lonely, even when surrounded by friends and family[1]. In Singapore, one in three youth reported mental health symptoms such as sadness, anxiety, and loneliness, in a national study of 3,336 young people aged 11 to 18[2]. As ‘digital natives’, the catch-all term for under-35s who first embraced smartphones and have higher usage of such technology compared to other age groups, it is easy to associate our declining mental health state with our use of technology[3]. (more…)

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Anak Takde Orang Jaga*”: Some Challenges Faced by Young, Unwed, Malay, Single Mothers

*Translated: No one to care for my child

Two years ago, I came across a BERITA Mediacorp article[1] in which Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd (Babes) had reported a rise in the number of Malay teenagers under 21 years old facing unplanned pregnancies from 2013 to 2017. Babes had asserted that instead of labelling it as a ‘Malay problem’, the phenomenon of unplanned teenage pregnancies could be due to structural factors, such as a lack of access to knowledge and services for abortion. (more…)

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This is What Youth Leadership Looks Like

“A leader is one that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
– John C. Maxwell

Leadership is an important means to create trust and assurances in any organisation and to inspire a positive atmosphere for success. According to Stephen Covey, the definition of leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves. (more…)

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Landing a Job in Tech

Today, more and more people are looking to get into the tech industry. It seems like every day there is a new startup, artificial intelligence (AI) project, or robotics development that makes the tech world seem like an exciting place to be in. The industry is growing, which means there is an increasing need for tech pros in almost every role. This does not just apply to software developers and engineers; there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to work in IT, data analytics, or even user experience design. (more…)

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Employing Gen Z: Opportunities and Potential

Today’s professionals have reason to be hopeful. Despite the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, work as we know it has changed for good. Now is a chance for all to hit refresh as the first of Gen Z joins the workforce. Also known as zoomers, these youth have never known a world without the Internet – born from 1995 to 2012, they learnt to walk as technology took great leaps to fit an entire world in the palm of their hand. Even the youngest of this cohort enjoys almost uninterrupted access to devices, learning as much from influencers as they do from school. (more…)

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Igniting Change for Inclusivity and Diversity with Hana Saemon-Beck

Due to its large and diverse population of migrants, New Zealand has been described as a ‘superdiverse’ country with a quarter of its population born overseas. According to Stats NZ’s latest census[1], there are over 160 ethnic groups living in the country. As the country becomes increasingly diverse, the government is working towards a more inclusive New Zealand through its policies and activities to support social cohesion and social inclusion. (more…)

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Book Review: Piecing Together the History, Heritage, and Contributions of Indian Muslims in Singapore

Indian Muslims in Singapore: History, Heritage and Contribution, a newly released publication by Ab Razak Chanbasha, is an ambitious attempt to document the history and contributions of Indian Muslims in Singapore from the period of the arrival of the British to present day. This is no doubt a formidable task to achieve in eight chapters considering the depth and extent of contribution and influence that Indian Muslims have left and continue to create in Singapore. (more…)

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