The Power of Ideas: POFMA in Perspective

Somewhere, in a not too distant place, trouble is brewing. Unlike traditional Clausewitzian clashes fought on fields of rubble, in thick foliage, the new terrain bears little resemblance to this former image. The clanging of steel swords, as armies have at one another, the cracking of rifles in the background, displaced by the clickety-clack of keyboards. Displays of might and raw heft matter little in cyberspace – herein lies the new frontier.

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A Lazy Interpretation of the “Lazy Malay”

It is a tepid Tuesday night at the Geylang Bazaar. The air is arid and still, typical of a June’s night in the bustling Eastern locale. The smoke-scented waft of barbecued meat and the cloying sweetness of buttery corn cups fills the air, all wrapped up in the sweat-filled stench from its largely millennial crowd. It is teeming with a farrago of flavours and people. As someone with a slightly unhealthy love affair with the indoors, constant travails in the outside world tire me. For a few fleeting seconds, I […]

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Revolutionising Digital Media: An Interview with Mr Jamal Hassim

Creative destruction is constantly redefining the limits of our material world. In the blink of an eye, industries have been torn asunder – they have fallen prey to the forces of production. Yet, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, swathes of new factories and plants emerge in their wake, ready to serve society once again. In time, however, they too will play their part in this grand dialectical process – a process commonly known as technological change.

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