Home Based Businesses in the Singapore Malay/Muslim Community

The success of home based businesses (HBB) in today’s environment of corporati- sation of businesses is testimony to the pioneering spirit of Singaporeans.

It harkens back to the early days of nation-building when migrants came with only their bare necessities to set up small businesses on sidewalks which prospered to become today’s mega-businesses. This will to survive is what makes us successful today as a nation.

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The State of Entrepreneurship in the Community

Stereotyping is one of the biggest problems related to the issue of Malay-Muslim businesses and entrepreneurship in Singapore. We have all heard the common stereotyping of the Malay-Muslim businessman or businesswoman repeated ad naseaum – that they are lepak (laidback), fatalistic, satisfied with what is sufficient with no desire to explore the full extent of business opportunities; that they lack an entrepreneurial spirit, and are always embroiled in petty jealousies, rivalries and hasad (destructive envy).

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