Before Signing an Employment Contract

Reading and understanding the employment contract before you seal the deal is crucial as this will avoid any potential disputes.

A fair employment contract clearly states your rights and obligations as an employee of the organisation as well as the employer’s, and as required by the Employment Act, should include the key employment terms[1].

While organisations’ practices may vary, this article aims to serve as a guide on the key points (non-exhaustive) to look out for when signing an employment contract.

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Harassment in the (Virtual) Workplace

Companies are increasingly adopting a zero-tolerance stance towards workplace harassment, recognising that it is their duty to provide a safe and conducive work environment that allows individuals to bring their whole selves to work and carry out their work productively.

Workplaces that allow disrespectful and unprofessional behaviours to persist will affect the morale and productivity of the organisation and risk damaging its reputation.

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Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

We tend to think that we are rational decision-makers who rely on facts and data to make decisions. Unfortunately, we aren’t designed to be as objective as we would like to be. Regardless of our background and demographics, we all have our own biases that affect how we view and react to situations, and how receptive we are towards people whom we think are different from us.

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