2020 Census – A Community Perspective

Over many decades, the Malay community has generally been making good progress in almost all areas such as educational attainment, employment and income levels, and dwelling type as demonstrated in the latest Census 2020 released in June 2021[1]. Of course, in meritocratic Singapore and where excellence is the byword, the other communities have also advanced and with their head start, disparity between them and the Malays remains a stark reality.

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Wakaf: An Important Social Economic Vehicle for the Singapore Muslim Community

The instrument of wakaf is one that has been in practice since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Marshall Hodgson, in The Venture of Islam, refers to wakaf as a vehicle for financing the Muslim society[1]. It is a powerful social finance tool that was pervasive and practised during the Ottoman empire. Here in Singapore, a recorded wakaf dates as far back as 1820.

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The Intelligentsia of the Asatizah Community

The asatizah in Singapore have come a long way since the post-independence period of the country. Gone are the days where the asatizah were few in numbers, without much support from organisations — who faced challenges of their own — and lacking many opportunities, be it financial or in continuing their studies overseas.

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Muslim Womanhood and Hierarchical Gender Relations in Southeast Asia

Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor is a popular actress, television host and entrepreneur from Malaysia. She is also the founder of NH Prima International Sdn Bhd, a fashion business hijab empire known for selling chic headscarves under the brand name Naelofar Hijab. Her hijab line is sold in 38 countries, including London’s upmarket Chelsea district.

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Nikah Batin: Beyond the Deviance

Oftentimes, whenever the term “nikah batin” (spiritual solemnisation) is mentioned, most of us will relate it to the idea of sexual intercourse.

We then conjure up in our minds a crude fantasy of a deviant spiritual leader who takes advantage of his or her devout followers, and we start to categorise them all under one umbrella: a deviant sect of Islam.

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