Muslim Womanhood and Hierarchical Gender Relations in Southeast Asia

Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor is a popular actress, television host and entrepreneur from Malaysia. She is also the founder of NH Prima International Sdn Bhd, a fashion business hijab empire known for selling chic headscarves under the brand name Naelofar Hijab. Her hijab line is sold in 38 countries, including London’s upmarket Chelsea district.

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Nikah Batin: Beyond the Deviance

Oftentimes, whenever the term “nikah batin” (spiritual solemnisation) is mentioned, most of us will relate it to the idea of sexual intercourse.

We then conjure up in our minds a crude fantasy of a deviant spiritual leader who takes advantage of his or her devout followers, and we start to categorise them all under one umbrella: a deviant sect of Islam.

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Dealing with Negative People: Tips from the Quran for Muslim Activists

Many religious guidance and fatwas (Islamic legal opinion) that require adjustments and restrictions to Muslims’ religious duties as part of national counter-measures to the COVID-19 pandemic were issued all over the world. Examples are the closure of all mosques and accompanying restrictions such as to the number of congregants for obligatory daily and Friday prayers.

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Voices of Youth: A Conversation on Employment

THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE Today’s young people are the most educated generation ever. They often enter the working world with considerably more years of schooling than their parents or grandparents. In Singapore today, more than 95 percent of each cohort of students progress to post-secondary education as compared to only 22 percent of those born in the 1940s[1].

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OKLetsNo: Misogyny and the Malay/Muslim Men

While you may not have been aware of OKLETSGO (OLG) in the first year or so of its existence, in June 2020, the popular local podcast channel would have been impossible to ignore. Started in February last year, OLG is the brainchild of three former local Malay radio DJs – Dzar Ismail, Dyn Norahim and Raja Razie. It quickly earned a high profile for its irreverent takes on issues affecting the Singapore Malay community, as well as a willingness to take on topics still considered controversial in the community, such […]

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