Refusing a Culture of Convenient Consumption

Environmental sustainability in Singapore is increasingly contradictory. Although globally known for its clean streets and greenery, it has become commonplace to see the streets being cleaned and trees pruned – often times not by Singaporeans themselves. Additionally, despite the immense societal concern on the effects of climate change, most people believe that government action is more important than individual climate action[1].

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Reflections of An Aspiring Eco-Warrior

Extremist. Annoying. And my personal favourite, environmental salafist. These are just some of the charges that have been levelled against me ever since I’ve started on my personal crusade to be more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly.

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Islam and the Environment: The Disconnect?

Everyone has a part to play for the environment. As Muslims, we are encouraged by our religion to spread mercy to all creations. By following the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it is expected for us to treat the environment with care. However, without a doubt, the way we are carrying our lives is creating a havoc on the only earth we have.

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