In the Valley of Dreams with Zannath Bee

Silicon Valley is the centre for innovative technology and home to more than 2,000 tech companies. High-valued tech companies such as Google, Apple, eBay and PayPal, among others, have greatly contributed to America’s reputation as a global leader in technology innovation and in making the industry the fourth largest of the US economy.

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Hydrocarbon Exploration with Erza Aripin

There has been an increasing demand for oil and gas as global economies and infrastructure continue to rely heavily on petroleum-based products. The oil and gas industry contributes around five per cent of Singapore’s gross domestic product.

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Taking That Leap Abroad – Nurlina Awaludin

More Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, are choosing to work or live abroad. The number who choose to work or live abroad has increased over the years, with a total of 216,400 Singaporeans last year compared to 181,900 in 2008[1]. The trend is unlikely to abate as the world gets more and more connected, making global employment now much more accessible than before.

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