Embracing A Career Change Abroad with Kefri Ismail

It is no secret that the Bay Area in San Francisco is a mecca for tech companies. With thousands of firms employing over 3.9 million workers[1], the Bay Area has become the largest tech talent labour pool in the US which continues to attract the brightest and best minds in the tech industry from across the globe. Individuals who are hoping to land a role in this competitive job market will be competing against a pool of global talent.

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Caring for Dementia Patients with Azraini Azri Alfred

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were over 55 million people worldwide living with dementia in 2020 and the number is expected to rise to 78 million in 2030[1]. In Singapore, one in 10 Singaporeans or about 100,000 people aged 60 and above, suffer from the illness. As caring for a dementia patient can be exhausting and overwhelming for the caregivers, a nursing home is often considered as an option for their loved ones who require more medical attention and care than they are able to fulfill.

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The Evolving Role of Nurses with Afa Asmin

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of healthcare workers, especially nurses, who are needed not only in the hospitals but also in the community. In Singapore, a rise in interest in the profession has led to a nearly 50 percent increase in applications for Workforce Singapore’s nursing-related professional conversion programmes this year[1].

However, prior to the pandemic, 29-year-old nurse Afa Asmin often felt that people viewed nursing as a lower tier occupation, and nurses were not as respected as other healthcare professionals.

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The Search for the Best User Experience with Anwar Abdulhaqq

When we think about user experience or UX, we instantly associate the term with apps and websites. UX was first coined in 1993 by cognitive scientist, Donald Norman, who needed a term that would encompass all aspects of a person’s experience with a system, including industrial design, graphics, interface and physical interaction. Today, UX has become a rapidly growing industry with jobs on the rise. A career in the industry encompasses many different roles from product manager, UX designer, UI designer, content designer to UX researcher.

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Private Banking in Europe with Sharifah Ferdaus Ali Albar

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centres and is highly diversified with a high concentration of international and local financial service providers. Its financial sector is one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy, contributing 9.7 percent1 to its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020.

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