Hydrocarbon Exploration with Erza Aripin

There has been an increasing demand for oil and gas as global economies and infrastructure continue to rely heavily on petroleum-based products. The oil and gas industry contributes around five per cent of Singapore’s gross domestic product.

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Taking That Leap Abroad – Nurlina Awaludin

More Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, are choosing to work or live abroad. The number who choose to work or live abroad has increased over the years, with a total of 216,400 Singaporeans last year compared to 181,900 in 2008[1]. The trend is unlikely to abate as the world gets more and more connected, making global employment now much more accessible than before.

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The Alchemy of Curating with Khairuddin Hori

As you wander into an art exhibition, have you ever wondered about all the steps it took to put the exhibition together? Who is the person behind this spectacular immersive assemblage? How does he or she decide which pieces to showcase? How long does it take to create an exhibition?

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