Effective Advocacy on Social Media

The recently-concluded FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament in Qatar was truly an eye-opener for its many visitors and viewers from around the globe. Qatar, the host country for this prestigious footballing event, had used this significant occasion to effectively share with people more about Islam, especially on the parts of it that many are still unaware of.

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Racial Colour-Blindness: A Counterproductive Ideology to Racism

Towards the end of his I Have a Dream speech in 1963, where Martin Luther King Jr. called for full civil and economic rights for African Americans and an end to racism in the United States (US), he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”1.

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Quiet Quitting: The Beginning of a Revolution for Better Workplace Boundaries

‘Quiet quitting’ has become the latest online buzzword that has set the internet ablaze. A quick Google search of the term will open a sprawling list of articles, but where did it originate?

The term started from a Tiktok video posted in early 2022 by career coach and YouTuber Brian Creely. Summarising an Insider article written by senior correspondent Aki Ito with the headline, “My Company is Not My Family”, Creely stated that employees are taking greater control over their working schedules to find a healthy balance between their careers and personal lives.

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Staying Sane in an Insane World: Performance and Academics

When I first heard the term ‘PhD factory’, it took me a few seconds to realise what it meant and was immediately privy to the precarity of academia. A Doctor of Philosophy or PhD degree connotes a certain level of prestige. It is the pinnacle of learning. You might make friends for life, and friends who challenge your way of thinking. You get to meet and work with professors whose interests align with yours. Securing an opportunity to do a PhD is not easy.

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Beyond ‘Pink Brain, Blue Brain’: Gender Differences in Neurodiversity & Their Consequences

“Where are all the autistic people?” asked Nicole Parish, otherwise known as @soundoftheforest, an autistic TikToker with 2.7 million followers to her name. It’s an innocuous question, but one that perhaps alludes to a harsh disparity between online conversations surrounding neurodivergence, and the relative lack of awareness and understanding of it in real-life situations, especially in relation to gender differences.

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