Cultivating a Dialogical Society: Reflections of IPS’ Singapore Perspectives 2021

The recently concluded Singapore Perspectives 2021 conference organised by the Institute of Policy Studies has created an impact on the Singaporean intelligentsia.

Among the topics discussed was the issue of ‘Chinese Privilege’ touched upon by panelists discussing the theme of ‘Identities and Cohesion’1. One speaker expressed she was “agitated” with the use of the term within Singaporean society.

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Adults: The Silent Victims of Cyberbullying

‘Bullying’ is a commonly used term in our early school days. One can relate to it – either from personal experiences, or statements made by our peers or even school teachers.

Typically bullying is seen as a type of aggressive behaviour, which is repeatedly carried out against those who are unable to defend themselves, with the intention to cause harm1. Victims of bullying often suffer physical, mental and social implications.

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Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

We tend to think that we are rational decision-makers who rely on facts and data to make decisions. Unfortunately, we aren’t designed to be as objective as we would like to be. Regardless of our background and demographics, we all have our own biases that affect how we view and react to situations, and how receptive we are towards people whom we think are different from us.

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