Count On the Intangibles to Form the Singapore Identity

Perhaps we can learn a thing or two about identity by taking the cue from our children. Let me explain.

I have two boys, and the older one, Danial, who is turning seven this year, has outgrown previous ‘cartoon’ identities he grew up with.

Gone are the simple Paw Patrol, Tayo, and Super Wings characters he used to identify with, replaced with the relatively more complex characters like Boboiboy, Darius from Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous, and journalist rat Geronimo Stilton. (more…)

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City of Stars or City of Tears?: A Questioning of Singapore’s Development

When development comes to mind, it is almost instinctive to relate it to economic achievements, capital accumulation or profit maximisation of a society or country. However, when understood as a discourse, development is indeed a vast subject, which is not limited to purely economic terms. Since independence, the dominant discourse on development in Singapore has remained largely focused on economic and physical advancements. (more…)

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Woes of the Middle Class

Inflation has been a growing concern for many over recent months. The rising prices of goods across many sectors will no doubt incite waves of anxieties and worries in every individual. While inflation does not discriminate, it disproportionately affects every stratum in society. Not everyone copes similarly to adapt to their rising expenses. This article aims to provide an overview of the realities of the middle-class facing inflation and how they would fare in surviving an inflationary crisis. It also seeks to understand how far inflation has affected them and whether the government should do more to help them through these challenging times. (more…)

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The Realities of Starting A Tech Company

Startups employ more than 300,000 people in Singapore across 42,000 companies in 2013, up from 24,000 companies in 2005[1]. These numbers have probably increased substantially since. As a nation, we have produced 15 of the 35 unicorns[2] in the region, including Razer and Sea[3]. Additionally, around 80 of the world’s top 100 tech companies have a significant presence in Singapore[4]. But what does it take to actually start one of these? (more…)

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Making A Plastic-Lite Society A Reality

From mid-2023, major supermarkets in Singapore will be required to charge at least 5 cents for a disposable carrier bag[1]. The rationale goes beyond the need to reduce single-use plastic waste; producing plastic bags itself is resource-intensive. Reports suggest that approximately 37 million kilograms (kg) of crude oil and 12 million kg of natural gas have gone into the production of three billion plastic bags, all of which were used by Singapore residents in a year[2]. (more…)

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SG Budget 2019: The Vision of a Caring and Inclusive Society

The Singapore Budget 2019 outlined a strategic plan to allocate resources to build a “Strong, United Singapore”. To realise this vision, among other objectives such as keeping Singapore safe and secure, transforming our economy into a vibrant and innovative one, and building a global city, is the aspiration of building a caring and inclusive society. (more…)

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First Pregnancy at Advanced Maternal Age

Pregnancy, for many, is ideally a planned one and looked upon as a precious and intimate journey for a woman. Every pregnancy is different. The time, finances, and emotions invested are unique to every pregnant woman. This is even more so for those who are pregnant for the first time at an older age. Most times, it can bring about anxiety and worry amidst the excitement of the pregnancy. In this day and age, we do see a trend of women getting pregnant at a later age[1]. (more…)

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Role of Singapore Muslims During the Ottoman-Balkan Wars

In the early 18th century to the end of the 20th century, with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, colonial powers such as the Great Britain, France and Russia started to expand their power to other regions such as Asia and Africa through colonisation. Their main goal was to search for wealth abroad and extract the resources there to expand their economical markets and influences on other regions. (more…)

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Together Apart: Holidays Without Travelling, 2020 Edition

I remember being a child and looking forward to what a marvellous year 2020 was going to be. It was filled with lofty dreams of all the things I had wanted to accomplish – I will be wearing strappy high heels that will softly clickety-clack as I glide along my swanky office, and pulling my chic bag as I rush to the airport for a business trip to New York City. (more…)

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Employing Gen Z: Opportunities and Potential

Today’s professionals have reason to be hopeful. Despite the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, work as we know it has changed for good. Now is a chance for all to hit refresh as the first of Gen Z joins the workforce. Also known as zoomers, these youth have never known a world without the Internet – born from 1995 to 2012, they learnt to walk as technology took great leaps to fit an entire world in the palm of their hand. Even the youngest of this cohort enjoys almost uninterrupted access to devices, learning as much from influencers as they do from school. (more…)

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First Among Equals: Lawrence Wong as Prime Minister and What Lies Ahead

The much-awaited question has finally been answered: Finance Minister Lawrence Wong will succeed Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong as the leader of the Fourth Generation (4G) of People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders, and thus, as the next Prime Minister of Singapore.

The announcement made in April should be welcomed by all Singaporeans: for far too long, there was too much speculation about the identity of the next PM, with three candidates – Ministers Chan Chun Sing and Ong Ye Kung being the other two – talked about as potential leaders. The speculation even led to rumours about discord and jostling within the party for the coveted position. (more…)

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